Frozen Apricots sliced halves IQF Fruits

Product description:

Fruits picked in maturity, calibrated, pitted, bleached, cooled, sorted, dried, cuted in pieces, frozen, then put cardboard. Fruits are exempt from molds, of attacks of insects or the other diseases and present a characteristic color and a typical taste of the variety.

Variety: CANINO


Conditioning *on clean and filmed pallets EURO dim (120x80) or in bulk according to pourchasse order * Paperboard with a solid blue plastic bag (thickness =50 microns minimum) * Labeling = on each paperboard, it is to appear the name of the product, the name of manufacturer * the number of batch, the weight net by packing, the date of manufacture and the DLUO. *Transport = temperature of the product < -18° C with the delivery.

Minimum order quantity:

1FCL 20ft, 20Tons to 25 Tons

  • Shelf life : 24 months
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