Black olives Preserves

Product description:

Beldi or Picholines candied black olives are prepared from the healthy spinning olive variety of the olive tree Olea Europea and subjected to oxidation treatments. The whole, pitted or sliced ​​candied black olives are packaged and sterilized in boxes or jars followed by cooling.


Sliced ​​black olives

Whole black olives

Pitted black olives

Black olives Greece style


Metal boxes: A10, 5/1, 4/4, 1/2

Jars: 72CL, 37CL

Sachets and vacuum

Plastic buckets



The sizes of the olives are determined according to the number of fruits per 100g of olive, we find the following sizes: 19/21, 22/25, 26/29, 30/33, 34/37, 38/42, 43/50 . The tolerated margins for the different sizes are 5% for the 19/21 and 2% for the 22/25 to 43/50


SESTA, or private label

Shelf life

In airtight packaging (Boxes, Jars): 3 years unopened.

  • Shelf life : 3 years
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