Green Olives Preserves

Beldi green olives or picholines are prepared from the healthy green olive of the cultivated olive variety Olea Europea, subjected to deamination treatments and preserved by natural fermentation. Whole, pitted, broken, sliced ​​or sliced ​​green olives are packaged and preserved by brining and / or pasteurization. For non-hermetic packaging (drums or non-sealed buckets), cold brining is carried out for the barrels and hot for the buckets. For airtight packaging (boxes, jars or sealed buckets), pasteurization is carried out followed by cooling.

The products comply with all microbiological criteria in accordance with the regulations in force for food (CAC / GL 21-1997) and the code of hygienic practice. The olives and the brine are free from any microbiological alteration. For pasteurized products, they comply with the Code of Hygienic Practice for Canned Foods according to French Standard V08-408 (incubation 7 days at 37 ° C and 55 ° C, pH variation <0.5 units ).

MOQ: 1FCL 20' FT
Brand: SESTA, Private label options

Packaging options:
Tin cans: 5/1, A/10, 4/4, 1/2
Glass jars, Vacuum bags, Buckets; Barrels

Olives sizes:

The sizes of the olives are determined according to the number of fruit per 100g of olive, we find the following sizes: 19/21, 22/25, 26/29, 30/33, 34/37, 38/42, 43/50 . The size tolerances are 5% for sizes 19/21 and 2% for sizes 22/25 to 43/50.

Other varieties of olives:

  • Sigalou, with lemon, Garlic olives, Pistou basilic, Tahitiennes, variants, provencale, Thyme.

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