Extra virgin olive oil Oil

Harvested from a rigorous selection of olives, this superior category early harvest oil comes from hand-picked olives, cold pressed, without undergoing chemical transformation.

The olives are picked before their maturity, it is an early harvest with a lower production yield to benefit from a high polyphenol content.

Rich in antioxidants, mineral salts and carotene, the caloric intake of olive oil is low with 9 calories per gram. Olive oil contains oleic acids which ensure the proper functioning of digestion.

It can be used in all its forms and can be eaten cold as a seasoning, hot in a pan, fried or in the oven.

- Extraction on the day of harvest

- No additives and no salt

- Variety of olives: Picholine

- Intense and robust flavor

Why does a good extra virgin olive oil sting your throat?

The spiciness comes from polyphenols which are very powerful antioxidants.

These virtues are given for information only, they will never replace a medical consultation.

Harvest 2022

Acidity rate: 0.15%

  • Capacity : 250ml, 500ml, 750ml, 5L
  • Bulk : L
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