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The organic anti-cellulite oil PERLE DE CACTUS is a massage oil that helps reduce orange peel skin. Composed of vegetable oils and essential oils of high quality, this serum will help your skin to find firmness.

Organic, it is composed of 100% natural active ingredients.

This massage oil combines the properties of precious vegetable and essential oils, with exceptional virtues.

The synergy offered by this oil promotes the activation of microcirculation and helps reduce the appearance of orange peel skin for a smoother and firmer skin.

This oil will be used on areas of the body affected by dimpling, to help regain a toned and smoother skin.


- Organic Rose Hip Oil: very rich in pro-Vitamin A (retinol) which gives it exceptional repairing virtues. This oil is softening and promotes the renewal of the skin. It nourishes it, while reinforcing the epidermis.

- Organic Grape Seed Oil: rich in Omega 6, polyphenols and phytosterols, this oil is known for its antioxidant and repairing function. It facilitates the penetration of the oils of the serum in the skin.

- The essential oil of Juniper Bio: it supports the attenuation of the aspect of orange peel.

- Organic Cypress Essential Oil: decongestant, it also helps to revitalize the skin.

- The essential oil of Cedar Bio: with the draining virtues.

*Ingredients from organic farming

*0% preservatives, 0% synthetic fragrance, 0% petrochemicals


Apply to slightly damp skin with a vigorous massage after showering, only in the evening because of the risk of photosensitization or morning and evening if the areas are not exposed to the sun.

 Take a break every 3 weeks.

Reduce to one application per day depending on improvement.


 Due to the presence of essential oils, the anti-cellulite oil PERLE DE CACTUS is not recommended for people with a Hormone-dependent pathology, as well as for pregnant or nursing women.

  • Bottle : 50ML
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