Organic verbena Organic coffee, tea and infusions

Product from Organic Farming certified by: NO.MA – 24686 – 2011 – EU

A beneficial infusion with invigorating notes.

This shrub, which can reach up to 2 meters, is one of the most used plants in the world, especially cultivated for its very fragrant leaves.

Fresh and lemony flavor, reminiscent of lemon balm, invigorating, uplifting, with a rare elegance.

Digestive, ideal after the meal, it is the herbal tea par excellence. It regulates the rhythm of the heart and helps to calm palpitations.

Verbena has been known since antiquity for its calming and digestive properties. The verbena infusion, after meals is appreciated for its lemony flavor.

Intended for Pharmacies (without labels)


Organic herbal tea 25 organic Verbena fresh sachets.


Let your organic Thyme sachet-dose infuse in a cup of hot water for 3 to 4 minutes.

You can consume 2 herbal teas a day. 1 herbal tea after each meal.

  • Bags : 20
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