Essential oil Organic Palmarosa Organic Oils

Digestive and gynecological skin fungal infections
- Smell of perspiration (feet and armpits) excessive sweating
- Acne wounds eczema bedsores crevices
- Stress anxiety irritability

- Childbirth
- Cystitis urethritis vaginitis salpingitis cervicitis
- Rhinopharyngitis sinusitis otitis
External use:
- Local application for dermatoses
- Oily anointings on the solar plexus (stress depression) or on the abdomen (urogenital ailments)
- Aphrodisiac friction: application on the lower back pure or mixed
- Diffusion in the atmosphere. Certified Organic by Ecocert MA-BIO-154

Botanical name: Cymbopogon martinii
Volume: 10 ML

  • 10 ml : -
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